simon lokodo’s miniskirts vs. amos wekesa’s solar eclipse in uganda

WHILE Ethics and Integrity Minister, Father Simon Lokodo, was making loose comments about mini skirts the other week and getting Uganda priceless negative global headlines associating us with Idi Amin, Amos Wekesa was posting on his Facebook page about the solar eclipse of November 3rd, six months away. 

ImageFather Lokodo’s unfortunate, uncalculated and unstructured comment condemning the wearing of mini skirts by members of the Ugandan public was paid for by the Ugandan tax-payer in two ways: a) Directly – salary, cost of his position and his parliamentary seat, etc) b) Indirectly – via the investments and other business interactions lost because people suspect we are a nation of barbaric puritans.

Amos’ post, on the other hand, might earn us tourism revenues as a nation, through individuals and companies (Amos’ inclusive) from people that might come to Uganda on November 3 just to view this solar eclipse.

Disclaimer: Amos Wekesa is my friend, and I admire him for being a steadfast patriot who consistently looks out for the positives that Uganda has to offer.


I have found that Australia last year on November 14 attracted 40,000 visitors who spent US$45million, Zambia attracted 20,000 tourists, the UK attracted 400,000 in 1999…earning over UK£4billion…this (eclipse) is an opportunity for us to open up the North for tourism!” Amos wrote.

Obviously, if we give this solar eclipse even a tenth of the attention we have given to the Marriage and Divorce Bill, Uganda will be rolling in foreign revenues.

The numbers he hopes we can get could be more than we hosted during CHOGM (mpozi what year was that?) yet we don’t have to fork out billions of dollars to build hotels, deploy government ushers, hold planning meetings and, later on, Public Accounts Committee investigations.

It may be a bit unfair to compare Amos Wekesa and Fr. Lokodo directly without context, but Fr. Lokodo’s Anti Pornography Bill will cost you more money – if you’re a tax-payer – for instance to facilitate the Anti Pornography Committee and whatnot.

Meanwhile, Amos told us, (and I checked on the internet to re-confirm) the best viewing areas for the total eclipse are in Arua, Soroti, Gulu, Masindi and Pakwach. All accommodations in Pakwach are fully booked and now the clever entrepreneurs are setting up camp sites.

Sadly, Amos’ post has not received as much media attention as Fr. Lokodo’s attack on the mini-skirt, but I hope Fr. Lokodo gets to hear of it today. His constituency, Dodoth County in Kaabong District, is just below the eclipse viewing line, but can still benefit should tens or hundreds of thousands tourists come to Uganda in November.

This lesson I remember from my primary school days, which section of education both Fr. Lokodo and Amos must have gone through, though one is a Master’s Degree holder and the other is of humble education.

The highlyeducated yet casual-talking Fr. Lokodo represents 500,000 people from Kaabong, while my friend Amos services thousands of clients on tours across Uganda . He has thousands of friends on Facebook and Twitter, and gets tens of thousands of visits to his websites leading to millions of dollars flowing into Uganda each year.

Both gentlemen are important to Uganda.

But the efforts of many private sector people such as Amos would go much further if we didn’t have blundering people in positions of responsibility grabbing opportunities to make this country look stupid. Luckily, many people think its a joke that we have a minister of ‘ethics and integrity’, moreover one who is a priest-turned-politician…

I don’t know where exactly the Ministry of Ethics and Integrity is located these days. But I do know that the road right next to Fr. Lokodo’s first base in Kampala, Parliament House, hosts street-side sex workers in public view.
 He could take seriously the saying that charity begins at home and either sort out dress code issues there (forgive the below-the-belt swipe <–and excuse pun), or attack the highly visible breach of the penal code by sex workersright outside his office (see 167 (a)).

And he can leave the promotion of our national public image to the likes of Amos Wekesa.

Mark the date and sieze the opportunity: November 3, 2013.

7 thoughts on “simon lokodo’s miniskirts vs. amos wekesa’s solar eclipse in uganda

  1. I fully agree with your assessment of Amos. He is an incredible asset to Uganda, and does everything he can to combat the negative press Uganda gets around the world for issues like miniskirts, marriage and divorce bill, and killing gays. More people in power need to be aware of the effects of their actions and think about the millions of dollars they are scaring away from Uganda.


  2. Thanks for the article helping promote Amos as he promotes tourism and Uganda.

    However, I don’t think it is such a bad thing for some one to be promoting a anti-pornography bill…it is so shameful when I walk into a super market with my children and at the very front of the store, at my children’s eye level, there are pictures of completely naked women and men. Let us promote tourism but at the same time let us also look at the effects that pornography has on young women and men, marriages and children … because we can promote tourism and we can promote a culture that promotes and protects family values and where men and women respect themselves at the same time (and we respect our children and their rights not to be subject to pornography).

    Concerning the issue of money spent…yes it becomes a problem if tons of money is being spent to on anti-pornography…instead community members can be informed of ways they can help and they can volunteer their money and their time.

    Concerning the November 3rd Eclipse…this is awesome and does deserve media attention, government attention, and the tourism attention…not only attention but action. And yes, it has the potential to bring tons of money into the country.

    Tourism has a powerful economic impact on communities. Tourist eat food: the people who grow, process, cook and serve the food benefit. Tourism employees guides, hotel staff, ect. Plumbers, electricians, builders are also given jobs via tourism. Those who are business owners or who are employed because of tourism then go and spend their money in the community.

    Such an event at the eclipse can and will have a powerful impact on our Uganda’s economy, causing a huge boost. So let’s be proud that Uganda will be blessed with this opportunity and unite to make it a great experience for tourists and Ugandans everywhere!

    Thanks for your part in using your influence in the media world to help promote this.

    It is actually very clever that you take a heated controversial topic to introduce what you really want to promote. In some ways it is a ironic….sex sales…so why not show a big booty in a mini a skirt before Amos’s smile?


  3. I had a chance to visit Kaabong in November 2009. While I did pass my history exams in secondary school, my teacher seems to have tactfuly avoided the lesson on the dress code of the Karimojong. I would dare Fr. Lokodo to take this debate first to his constituency. If it succeeds there, then luck might be smiling on him on his Mini skirt project. Thanks Simon for this insight


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