SimonKaheruCaricature‘Ramblings’ conjure up the image of some romantic Maugham or Hemingway narration that draws from experiences in a place far, far away at a time long, long ago during which the author, through the eyes of the hero, tickles the reader into a state of excitement or just as easily lulls them into a barmy state of dreaminess.

Ramblings are sepia in colour, and measure about 25 degrees celsius on an expensive and accurate thermometre.

They taste like fruit tarts in a light dough with a smattering of sugary powder. Surrounded by flakes of sugar-sprinkled parmesan.

These are not ramblings. These are pork ribs with cassava and avocado, and red chillis whisked in oily cloves and sun-dried tomatoes.

So wash your hands.

There will be lots of dust and not few pot-holes along the way, so you will need a four-wheel drive brain at times, but certainly won’t have to engage it full-time.

As you would expect, power will be cut off occasionally, load-shedding being so rampant, and when that happens you will have to use the inverter offerred by a few links in earlier posts, especially the ones that reveal my core elements.


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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Have read most of yr recent thingis here, but the one that is ye-catching is on Globalisation. It helped me recall the story you once wrote on Omukama Oyo (soon after he was made king). Your colour-filled writing style is persistently best, am sorry but I have to mention, I look forward to your first novel soon (let’s pray).


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