wits (what is this shit?)

WITS might as well become the new name of this blog, and may alternate with WTHITS (What The Hell Is This Shit?) which is more expressive of the situation abounding, but harder to pronounce the first few times.
Right now, my wrath has been drawn by a Cabinet chart of the Republic of Uganda 2009.
I say “a Cabinet chart” because I cannot be sure that this is the only one, in this world where one can get a functional, multi-coloured mobile phone called Nokiaheru.
The ire in me was not aroused by the uncertainity of the authenticity of the damn chart, though.
I was enraged because the chart, resplendent in pink (mbu), has adverts!
Seriously, WITS?
Commercial advertisements on a government chart that tells the world who the membes of cabinet are? Are we stupid?

It reminds me of the menus at the Kabaka’s wedding that had adverts.

But this is much, much worse!

And it’s not as if the advert is for…no…THERE SHOULD BE NO ADVERTS AT ALL! The ads here, meanwhile, is for a t-shirt printing company…perhaps one positioning itself to do all the campaign t-shirts for the entire cabinet?

I’ll tell you what this shit is: it’s shitty shit. This is the same rubbish I once fought a driver over when he placed a spare tyre cover from a commercial bank onto an Executive convoy vehicle.

What next?

3 thoughts on “wits (what is this shit?)

  1. I disagree.
    They are managing costs. Saving the tax payer some money. And encouraging public/private partnerships.
    Or so they think.


  2. No, man, they are NOT managing costs – though that would certainly be a good thing. To have the cost of printing charts subsidised while everybody listed on the chart rides around in a 4-litre petrol vehicle and sustains a staff head count of x (x being a figure over and above the absolutely necessary) is the same as the doctor giving you an aspirin when you’re wheeled into the hospital with a panga lodged in your skull.


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