Get Involved. Don’t Simply Complain

Pote's Sphere

It’s annoying how much we  complain……especially about our government.

I just watched a TED Talk this morning where the speaker said that the average age at which we achieve great things in the world is 35 years old. Now, I’m almost 40, and I have not yet achieved any great thing. That means that there’s someone under 30 who is going to achieve something great in his 20s for me to be able to maintain the average 35 years old. And that is assuming I achieve something great some time soon in my early 40s.

Anyhow, being almost 40, it also means that I am around the age where we are supposed to be in the thick of management of our country and driving development in our country. But instead of being one of the drivers of development, me and my generation spend a lot of time criticising government but without providing even…

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