#UGBlogWeek Day One – #SchoolsMadeMeNoBetter

I WILL try to keep up here, but the # just doesn’t read right. #SchoolsMadeMeNoBetter? No. #SchoolsMadeMeBetter.

(I’ve got to say this also because I have children and I don’t need the discussion that could arise from them mis-understanding that statement when said by me. Ironically, their education thus far should be so good that they can sneak the phrase “thus far” into a quick post such as this, or understand fully what #SchoolsMadeMeNoBetter actually means when typed out by the person who pays their school fees, buys food and has his name on the title deed to the house they live in.)

#SchoolsMadeMeBetter because, for one thing, they made me loathe homework and the punishment that came with not meeting deadlines or handing in homework on time.

That’s why this #UGBlogWeek challenge is so difficult – I was afraid to commence because my schedule these days is so tight that I go entire days missing out on things I used to do buli daily with the same regularity I brush my teeth with in the mornings.

And I cannot stand the idea of missing a deadline or not meeting an expectation.

Which is one of the reasons why, even though I was not a good ‘student’ in the strict sense of the word, I appreciate the things I can say #SchoolsMadeMeBetter for or with or by or…<— what’s that stuff called again? It’s like the difference between pronoun and that other thing.

School was full of such words and definitions, and many other things like that which were important for some reason that I cannot explain without much thought and analysis.

#SchoolsMadeMeBetter versus #SchoolsMadeMeNoBetter. It’s obvious which one will win.

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