out of the way things to do in 2016

I’VE just read Davis Kawalya’s blog post ‘Where Is Our Self-Esteem?‘ and made a snap decision to adopt this practice.

I am going to compile a list of things that I will do between now and the close of 2016, which I am calling ‘Out Of The Way Things’.

The list is going to contain things I wouldn’t normally do but that are easy and fun to do – and tending to quirky more than adventurous.

His blog post did not render me suddenly stupid, so I will not be bungee jumping or wrestling leopards.

The first thing on my list is what he had down in his blog:

Out Of The Way Things in 2016

Life is not exciting enough doing the things that I normally do, and reading Davis’ blog I recalled a time not long ago but before I was clear about responsibilities, when I would do such things with a group of pals who would take a contract out on me if I dared give clues as to their true identity.

Some of our antics were of the harmless shock-therapy type that would have triggered anything from angst to angina, and a few were life-threatening (for the onlooker as well).

This year, my list will NOT include any of the latter, and few of the former.

And having a list, by the way, is not to make the process boring and regulated – the spontaneity will remain in the manner that the activities that get onto the list will be chosen. For instance, I am now duty bound to say that loud, public prayer in a taxi – with or without any of you witnessing it.

This had better be fun and involve no painful repercussions especially of a physical nature. Back when I used to do these things more frequently I was light enough on my feet to flee the scene if things began to escalate. Right now I can imagine myself sprinting so slowly that my punishers could hold a lengthy, verbiage-filled meeting and take corrected minutes and then find me eighty metres away panting for dear life.

The risks will be few, therefore.

My out of the way things to do in 2016 will also not involve money. I cannot spare for silly eruptions such as those three a.m. “We go to Kigali!” arrangements that result in month-long hangovers and a life wondering how many relatives one actually has, scattered around the world, and whether they will ever make themselves known in a dramatic manner to a compound full of one’s official bloodline.

My out of the way things to do in 2016 will also take place strictly in Uganda, because there are countries out there that put our definition of the word daring to shame.

Everything on that list will be sure to raise the eyebrows of my favourite aunts and grandaunts, and I will therefore try my best to ensure that they are present for the events.

My wife, meanwhile, will need your prayers.

3 thoughts on “out of the way things to do in 2016

  1. Maybe I should prayer and intercede for your wife already as you asked. What Davis’ blog did to you though, may that passion keep burning till the end of 2016. Can I get an Amen? Meanwhile do you need reminders and all? I can do that as well? I pop up and ask; Hey sir did you do this today? don;t mind about the costs, totally free.. . . Nice read by the way


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