the beginning of the end of sarah kagingo’s sad tale

It’s a pity that Sarah Kagingo is tweeting a version of events around the arrest of Joseph Owino, attempting to counter the follow-through to the Press Release below.

The true story (besides what the President clearly says below) will unfold and be made clear in due course:


The Republic of Uganda


Department of Press and Public Relations. News. Information. Communication

President directs IGP to investigate Kagingo, police over misconduct

October 28, 2014

President Yoweri Museveni has directed the Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura to investigate allegations that one of his staff Sarah Kagingo former Special Presidential Assistant for Communications had ordered the arrest of a person she accused of hacking into the President’s social media accounts and the State House website.

The President who talked to General Kayihura directly on phone from Rome directed him to investigate the matter and give him a report. Those who should also be investigated are the police officers who carried out the arrest and Kagingo herself.

“I personally suspended Kagingo for misconduct and she does not have any role in handling the state house website or my social media platforms. This is a responsibility that falls under my ICT department,” he said.

The President explained that nobody in state house or in government has powers to order the arrest of anybody. This he said is the duty of security agencies.

“It was wrong, for the police officers to work on directives of Kagingo. This must be investigated thoroughly to find out why they did it,” he said.
The President who monitors his social media platforms keenly, learnt from social media reports yesterday about the issue and ordered the immediate release of Joseph Owino the suspect as investigations concerning the case are embarked on.


16 thoughts on “the beginning of the end of sarah kagingo’s sad tale

    1. Give it time. The police is obviously going to take this over, so I can’t be in the middle of the melee. I just posted so that her annoyingly deceitful tweets could come to an end.


      1. Well, waiting for yours. Whatever the police will come up with in form of explanation will not be as smart as I know yours will be. There’s just too much Newspeak coming from agencies around this place.


    1. Very sadly. Yet the young lady involved could have tucked shirt in, popped collar out and proceeded to a glorious career with the past couple of years on her CV as a foundation…


  1. Read this then searched the Sarah Kagingo on facebook and I’m surprised she’s the Special Presidential Assistant for Communications! Not only is her command of English at best basic, but her last post was the Togo game. Has the President been on leave? On those twio counts alone she should be fired.


  2. Given the true story is yet to unfold,negating The Weekly Observer’s front page coverage of the same during the preceding weeks! Pitying the young lady in question at this point is potentially a one sided take of the issue and a presumption the President always has the right information. I think it’s only fair to be open minded and pause with the pity or is it judgement pending the aforementioned true story.


      1. The inconsistencies within the release are fanning the conspiracy theories, how does a presumably private phone call from Rome, read directive translate into a press release. “The President explained..”, to whom ? this reminds of the column from The Sunday Monitor with those pesky maids. Ya’mukubide esiimu namugamba..! but again with the Statehouse website reportedly costing hundreds of millions, Eutaw construction and their shenanigans, it’s possible this is an officially sanctioned Press Release and not just a Kuriche (cliche)


  3. I saw CG’s comment and I tend to wonder; that Press Release isn’t consistent. And anyway, the work on the pages seems to have deteriorated. So you’d wonder if getting rid of her was for service improvement, or malicious. It looks as though there WAS much more than met the eye.


  4. Just seen the news about the youth and their 400M aeroplane parked at Kololo and the NRM MP who paid 60M to a witchdoctor to have her rivals drop out, — when this blog post came to mind, Kampala is not just buildings, Sarah seems to be back running the show


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