There goes another serious Kaheru…farewell, Uncle Michael

Today is the birthday of this fine gentleman, one of the people who has made me #ProudlyUG. GOD Bless Him and Rest His Soul in Eternal Peace.


Michael Stephen Kaheru

THIS article is the first that I am sadly sure my Uncle Michael won’t call me to make a comment about.

He was one of those old school people who read every newspaper with seriousness. Those silly grammatical errors and shortfalls in analysis or shallowness of reporting never escaped his attention.

He ‘gave me gas’, as some in my generation would say, and when my decision to work in a newspaper after university was met elsewhere with the question, “What about getting a real job?”, he understood well that I was going into a real job.

And whereas now I am deeply into new media, I still hold the old school, and traditional media, in high regard.

I still fold my newspapers up quite carefully, like to see the crossword puzzle page – even though I may not solve it every single day. And I share bits of the paper…

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One thought on “There goes another serious Kaheru…farewell, Uncle Michael

  1. A beautiful spirit shines through in the photo and word of his children! Thank you Simon for sharing this with us.
    So encouraging to be reminded that people like this exist.


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