the new cabinet

The excitement going round at the installation of a new cabinet is palpable (another one of those words we always like to use regardless of what they mean).

The last cabinet we had was fantastic when we first put it in, but the newspapers started messing it up within a very short time.

I have always detested newspapers for this purpose but everyone seems to think that’s what they are for, so whenever we have a new cabinet put in place newspapers go into action before anything else.

There are a number of reasons I begin to hate newspapers whenever I get a new cabinet:

1. The edge of the newspaper curls up in that funny way and gets in the way of the door closing.

I told you!

2. The newspapers turn dirty brown after some time and you just know that the cups and plates are full of germs.

3. The moment you place a cup or plate inside the cabinet without drying it thoroughly, the newspaper is gone.

4. And don’t get me started on the time you pour yourself a much needed hot cup of tea, take a sip and …ugh! Newspaper bits!

11 thoughts on “the new cabinet

  1. @Rugyendo: I’m okay – we must talk tomorrow following up on the last discussion we held. There is some significant progress in the correct direction…


  2. Cy, am sending you an Invoice for the time I spent opening your site with mob excitment only to find kwarakwara! Vaad u


  3. They have these nice rubber mats here that serve that purpose quite well they even absorb water from the not so dry glasses,cups or plates. For a minimal fee I can gladly send u some. Let me know the size of ur cabinet and please don’t be too extravagant with one for every room in the house thus wasting tax payers money. I hear there is one for bunyoro for teso, what about kisoro?


  4. I am crying bitterly BITTERLY at the people indulging this swindle.

    Am told the new cabinet is a shocker!! They are not using mahogany this time but a fine blend of woods mostly from the carpenters personal garden. Some say while the look is exotic and remincent of andy warhol paintings, there is an inherent health and safety risk with a lot of unnecessary security in form of military strength locks.

    We can only wait and see what the family members say about the new cabinet. It might be the final straw for the landlords and lead to an eviction of the entire household. We just have to wait and see.

    More next about the voracious barking dogs whose bite is a lot worse than there bark if unheeded.


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