Due to some debilitating sickness I have spent a couple of days at home but found the ailment unable to stop me essaying some D-I-Y.

Yesterday I fell upon this article and was intrigued because I have been harbouring big plans of erecting a bird feeder using terrazzo stone, bits of glass both stained and ordinary, paints and ceramic. The damn thing was supposed to be made in Uganda by Ugandans and should have cost me very little in Ugandan shillings, by my estimation.

I feared, though, that in reality I would end up forking out more than I was really ready to pay and that I would somehow be disappointed with the translation of my words and my mind’s eye into the physical artefact.

Hope stayed alive until I bumped into that article and this morning, in between trying to do many other things, I fished out a mug and saucer from the corner cabinet and whipped out a tube of super glue from the toolbox – during which process I found a brand new bathtub plug chain waiting to be given attention.

A few minutes of ‘work’ later, I had idea number two as displayed in the article and filled it with crushed groundnuts, sim-sim and poppy seeds.

WhatsApp-Image-20160528 (2)

WhatsApp-Image-20160528 (1)

This is what the internet is for.

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