following up the wheelbarrow full of ideas with real-life implementation

Remember this story? This one —>

Here I am to proudly report progress, with photographs to prove so.

See, I put my local metal worker guy to task after that post and insisted that he converts the satellite dish sitting in my back yard into a wheelbarrow of sorts.

What I had in mind was a simple contraption that we would put to use carrying gardening waste from the garden to the disposal point, and perhaps conveying heavy shopping one day when I am earning a regularly heavy salary (#OmugaggaSsiMuntu things).

After design discussions and my insistence on one or two points, the guy gave me a bill of Ushs75,000 and I gave him the dis-used satellite dish a Ushs40,000 deposit, and a stern deadline of today because I wanted to do some gardening and felt I could do with a wheelbarrow of sorts to help me out.

Three days later, today, I called him up to complain about his lack of seriousness and to express my disappointment with him for failing to deliver on time, only for him to cut me short with, “I am on my way!”

He has learnt my ways, and was taking me seriously.

But I did NOT expect THIS!


He made a real wheelbarrow!

I was genuinely nonplussed for a few seconds! In my mind, the dish was going to be deepened a little bit and it’s protruding end was going to be fashioned into a handle while the other side would get a wheel appended to it.

He had made a wheelbarrow! He had cut into the dish on the different sides, and folded it up to form the barrow, then fabricated the rest.

You can probably see the dstv logo here:


Now, I own a wheelbarrow made of recycled materials.

Made in Uganda.

I only came here to report progress – I’m heading back outside. I’ll be the one riding a wheelbarrow the rest of this weekend.


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