everyone: to the Uganda Museum, this weekend!

Come one, come all <— we grew up reading this phrase on every single damn poster for every single damn event. Where did it go? Why did we stop using it? I liked it. It had authority and gravitas.

It invited you, and then on second thoughts instructed you to bring a friend.


Come One, Come All!

This weekend, for the following reasons (before or after reading the details in the picture-poster below):

1. To get an up-close look at some really beautiful flower and plant arrangements put together by passionate enthusiasts who actually know what they are doing.

2. To buy said beautiful flower and plant arrangements for your own home.

3. To buy said beautiful flower and plant arrangements as Christmas gifts for loved ones – which they will appreciate greatly unless you promised them a car, a busuuti or an Xbox-something.

4. To meet people who will be useful in helping you transform your home and make it amazing in 2015 – and THIS is the time to do this, since we are in the rainy season (one of them, for Uganda) and anything you plant roundabout now will certainly thrive!

5. To support something positive, if you are not going for the #PimpAkiba event sponsored by @40days_40smiles people today (Saturday). This #PimpAkiba event, by the way, is the painting of the Cancer Children’s Home that these young people have supported the whole year through with a dedication that would put most Parliamentarians and big corporates to shame for being so massively impactful yet pushed by gestures so little.

6. To take photos of these amazing beauties that Uganda has plenty of – the flowers and plants on display, that is. Your photos could easily be submitted for some global awards and prizes…

7. To take the business cards and contact details of people who will be useful to you when you are finally building that dream house, or renovating the one you are in, or organising your wedding, or just seeking cut flowers to decorate your ka-flat…

8. Visit the Uganda Museum, generally. Have you taken your children to learn about their own history? When were YOU last there? Here’s an opportunity, and one you come away from with a souvenir that you will never forget and that beautifies your home.

9. Very many other reasons that make absolute sense, whichever way you consider them.  And if I were vain or of the name-dropping variety, I’d list people you are likely to meet there, besides myself 😉 .

So now, the picture-poster:

Come One, Come All
Come One, Come All

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