where are all the housies?

Following closely on yesterday’s revelation that the Government had hit on a brainwave in paying jobless Ugandans as a way of  thinking of “reducing poverty and accelerating economic growth”, I have suffered a minor domestic loss.

I got home at around 1745hrs, just a little earlier than usual, threw the newspapers onto the table and placed my laptop carefully by the side of the armchair and proceeded to go through my evening routine as normal – shoes off, kids on, kids off, clothes off, bathroom, night clothes on, blackout, wake up, bathe, clothes on, kids on, coffee on with yesterday’s newspapers, etcetera.

I don’t know whether it was the extra hour that did it, but I think it had some role to play in subsequent events.

The above routine broke off after ‘kids on’. There was no coffee, neither were there newspapers from yesterday. A quick search of the kitchen revealed that there was no housegirl either. Apparently, my early arrival yesterday evening gave her an extra hour of interaction with my stuff.

Particularly the newspaper.

In further detail, that bloody page one story!

It turns out that prior to taking up a position in my domestic department, the damn woman (pictured right), originally from somewhere in

If you see her, please retrieve my newspaper. I hadn't finished the Sudoku!
If you see her, please retrieve my newspaper. I hadn't finished the Sudoku!

Bushenyi, had attended primary school for a modest number of years. Whereas she was incapable of working out the science behind decisions such as, “For how long should I press this flat iron against this dress, which is made out of a very light material? Longer or shorter than the time I press it against the khaki shirt?”, she could read the words, ‘Government to Pay Jobless Youth’ quite well.

I suspect that it took her most of that hour by which I had gotten home early, to read the five words in that headline. I am sure that the decision to quit her gainful employment with me in search of the promise of payment by the Government was taken rashly. Just like the time she microwaved a tub of Blue Band to correct her error of placing it in a freezer. Nevertheless, she took her decision, as well as my copy of the newspaper announcing the Government’s brand new poverty alleviation plan.

‘Pay Jobless Youth’ indeed! All of you out there resident in the Pearl of Africa should beware – there will be no housies left before long, considering how much you pay them. Actually, come to think of it, there might be no young people left either, if the other Government plan of paying the elderly a monthly stipend of Ushs200,000 goes through!

What happened to educating people and facilitating them to work and generate not only their own incomes, but economic stimulants in the form of industry and business that would provide government revenues by way of taxes to be utilised in providing social services, educating more people and providing infrastructure and so on and so forth?

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