Congolese buffet

Eastern DRC. She is just a slut that can’t leave the club with just one chap.
Remember that kid in school who always got caught being naughty and always made sure he never went down alone?
That’s Eastern DRC.
Whenever war breaks out in that place, it becomes a playing field for war-mongers and buccaneers.
But not this time. At least, I think not.
With the bowels of the world economy running this loose there will not be many people at that buffet! (Ps. I think the disgust factor of this analogy is appropriate to the situation itself).
People believe that “whenever the US sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold” because the rest of the world is hanging around the US hoping for crumbs to fall off the American table. The rest of the world is not hanging around the Eastern DRC for anything at all, but because this dirty little kid can’t stop sniffling and rubbing it’s dirty, running nose with even dirtier fingers, everything it does – including breathing into the air – infects the rest of the world.
Very, very soon somebody is going to tell us that mobile phone prices have started fluctuating because the price of Coltan has shot up to US$400 a barrell!
You can’t even declare a “Damn you” to this small corner of the world because the Big Man above has already done so.
Interestingly so has the collapse of the world economy. I’m sure Gen. Laurent Nkunda has religiously followed the time table of world domination drawn up about fifteen months ago, and launched into attacks on D-Day as planned but…no-one counted on the world economy collapsing at around the very same time.
Watch this space – the war isn’t going to last.
Not while the recession does.

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