congratulations on the US$18million golf course in Kihiihi, Mr. Garuga Musinguzi

Seriously – I applaud you!

Garuga Injects 50bn In Golf Course
The New Vision, December 10, 2014- Page 52

And in case you can’t read it clearly in that photograph, that paragraph reads, “Musinguzi said he had invested over sh50b in the course designed by domestic engineers Charles Katambira and Gad Musasizi.”

That’s US$18million.

Hence the support of the Uganda Tourism Board, I’m sure, since a development of this nature would certainly bring in hordes of high spending golfer tourists.

Interestingly, the online version of the same story dropped mention of the Ushs50billion cost-tag (

Most likely because most golfing authorities available online put the cost of construction of an average golf course at about US$5million. And, as the more Cost of an average Golf Courseknowledgeable in these matters say, construction is one thing but maintenance of a golf course is quite the other bigger cost –

But back to the Ushs50billion, journalists could have asked questions such as those on just to be sure that they had heard right. It is under this link that people with lugezi-gezi say things like, “A fair golf course can be built on a minimum of 65 acres.When brooks, rivers, bodies of water, rock ledges are present the acreage increases appreciably. You also require acreage for the clubhouse, parking facility, driving range and putting green which are additions.

Being sports journalists, however, perhaps their focus was more on the game itself rather than the stand-out facts – and I am sure that this weekend they will ALL be heading down to see this magnificent golf course being put to inaugural use.

Afterwards, they will file reports about the acreage, the features, the views, and so on and so forth to explain the Kampala-mall-sized cost-tag.

Garuga is not a novice in business, as many stories – even online – tell. In you read about how he “quit politics and concentrated on his businesses. Since then, Garuga has engineered the launch of two tea factories (Bwindi and Rugyeyo), a maize mill, an FM radio station, a three-star hotel (Savannah Resort), an airfield and other developments that provide employment to several Kanungu locals.”

US$18million for a golf course, therefore, could be a feasible investment for a man of his means and wherewithal. Still, I began to wish Garuga had read the link below and saved perhaps US$10million for something additional to the Golf Course:

And as I was thinking of ways to approach him over his future investment plans, another newspaper broke the spell:

So there was an additional, misplaced ‘0’ in the first story….mssssschewwww!

Garuga Quits FDCBut then again – US$1.8million for a golf course…thank God this particular fellow quit politics for business!

Congratulations, Garuga! Seriously.