I am on Day Eleven of this sabbatical and nobody is enjoying it…except, perhaps, people and companies who pay me to do stuff. And maybe my wife.

It all started Twelve Days ago when I set off for this birthday party…Actually, if I were to be strict about this I would say that it started the day I took my first drink, because I recall quite vividly the story I did about Uganda’s Acoholics Anonymous and its champion, who told an incredulous me that the path to alcoholism starts with one’s first drink.

That was way back when I was just beginning to extricate myself from life as a university student. Being in university, a pal of mine (Stephen M^l3ma) said, was “three years of seriously mismanaging one’s life”.

But let’s start at about eleven days ago. That Saturday evening, I went out to a party quite innocently, with full…

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  1. A really nice reading …this had me splitting at the sides.

    “The options before me as I rose out of my chair ranged from the simple fist-smash right into the centre of his forehead, to a complicated drop kick that would have required me to first move a metre or so to the right in order to jump onto the wall on my left and bounce off of it with my left leg in order to swing my right foot right into the general area where Mugisha’s thick head connects to the rest of his body.”

    Thing is I am curious whether the replacement will be any better..!


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