crying over shilt milk

Now check: according to one of our newspapers, Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafiire ( last week advised journalists to “…stop ‘killing’ tourism cash flow…”

“We have got so much to show and see in Uganda, but the 4th Estate says we have shit (feaces – sic) in our milk,” the Honourable Minister is quoted to have said.

Refer to the story that ran a day before that ( concerning lions being donated to Uganda by a zoo in the UK. Given that our biggest tourist attraction is the possibility of viewing our wildlife out in the open, what could discourage a tourist more than the news that we have so few lions that we are taking donations of the bloody animals from the UK?

The UK? The last time they probably had lions indigenous to them the mammoth was current affairs.

So in the case of the UK-donated lions, who is scaring tourists away – the media or the ‘Wildlife Education Centre’ that informs the world in an official quote that “…There are national parks in the country that were once known to be populated with lions, but they no longer have any lions.”?

The honourable Minister of Trade, Tourism and Industry would do well to interest himself in the qualifications and intelligence quotient of the official who ‘educated’ tourists on our availability of lions in our national parks.

Better still, perhaps he should take an interest in how the media works in order to get to the bottom of this problem of discouraging tourism by pointing out shit in milk.

If you boil your damn saucepan of milk, sir, and due to poor urban planning it ends up being placed in the corner of a pit latrine where undisciplined users trip about in pot holes while thousands of unregulated, ill-trained boda-boda chaps and taxi drivers race around with no regard for rules, law and order, then, honourable sir, there will be shit and a lot more besides in your milk.

And when somebody points this out to you, the normal order of things should have you whipping out consultation fees and a decent tip to show your gratitude for the heads-up, after which you should get about putting your house in order.

Start by firing the ministry..I mean kitchen staff.

Otafiire cautions media

By Francis Emorut 

THE minister of Trade and Industry, Kahinda Otafire, has warned the media against highlighting negative reports about the country that would scare away potential tourists and investors. 

“We have got so much to show and see in Uganda, but the 4th Estate says we have shit (feaces) in our milk,” Otafire said while addressing hoteliers and tour operators at a cocktail at Serena Hotel in Kampala last week. 

“Journalists should stop ‘killing’ tourism cash flow. I do not know why President Yoweri Museveni, went to the countryside to teach teachers about patriotism and not beginning with journalists,” Otafire said. 

He argued that there was no country in the world that could not do without tourism and does not attract investors. 

He urged the media to sell Uganda’s image abroad instead of decampaigning tourism industry and antagonising the investments in the country.

Published on: Saturday, 11th April, 2009

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